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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 20, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm CEST

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german bundestag election two thousand and seventeen on d w. this is date of the news live from berlin a day after u.s. president donald trump threatens to destroy north korea germany's chancellor office to help resolve the north korea crisis. even though this conflict is far away from
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germany is also affects us or us it's why i am prepared to assist the foreign minister to assume responsibility in an exclusive interview i'm going to macro tells d.w. that diplomacy is the only way forward with pyongyang also on the program. in mexico city rescue workers saw hoping to free a young girl from the rubble of a school collapsed during tuesday's earthquake buildings one of dozens leveled in what's being called mexico's worst quite for a generation. of protests in nairobi kenya supreme court explains why it nullified the oldest election of a turn to president kenyatta to power we'll take you live to the nairobi for the details. also coming up time to eat drink and be merry meeting some type of fast is underway deja news running merrill will be here with everything you need to know about the world's biggest. pati.
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i feel gail welcome to the program. and then disappears an interview with the w. germany's chancellor has spoken out on the north korea crisis just days ahead of davos germany's general election i'm going to merkel said she disagrees with donald trump's military ultimatum to north korea and she has offered german his assistance to negotiate a diplomatic solution yesterday mr trump told the united nations that america would destroy north korea if it continued to threaten the united states or its allies. i promise you he is the only way to solve the north korea conflict according to the german chancellor in an exclusive interview with g w hunger merkel spoke out in favor of multilateral negotiations involving international partners such as china russia and the united states even if this conflict is far away from germany it's
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one that also affects us that's fine i'm prepared to assist the foreign minister to assume responsibility here. we took part in negotiating the iran agreement which i think is good and better than having no agreement at all. it took many years but in the end it did limit iran's possibilities for nuclear armament. addressing the us presidents threats to destroy north korea angela merkel had a special message for donald trump. we considered any type of military solution to be absolutely inappropriate and we're counting on a diplomatic effort this must be vigorously implemented in my opinion sanctions and enforcing these sanctions are the right answer but anything else with regard to north korea i think is wrong and that's why we clearly disagree with the u.s.
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president because. with holes in her favor until america can feel confident that she'll be reelected as chancellor but the a if he is likely to win seats in parliament for the first time medical ruled out ever cooperating with the. far right party and she promised to take the concerns of those who feel disadvantaged seriously. mine and my answer is clear to solve people's problems the worries they have having their own jobs as well as decent schools and doctors to really take care of these issues but on the other hand to signal a clear stop to hatred and violence. the interview with chancellor merkel was the last in a series of seven that included all top candidates of germany's major parties recent surveys are correct on sunday on the americans conservative c.d.u. c.s.u. will become the strongest political power and she could become one of the longest serving chancellors in german history.
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well the w.'s editor in chief of this poll was one of the journalists you saw there getting a selfie with the chancellor welcome to the st you know it is. this offer to mediate with north korea this is big news pressure can tell us how this came about well you know. we asked her really what her take was and almost from speech she gave to the u.n. or something and she was very fast very clear that she did not like his approach when he mentioned he wanted to destroy north korea she was very outspoken about that that she totally disagrees with the president of united states and then we can kept on talking and ask us that you know what can germany offer when north military threat and then she said well you know i would be willing to. be the mediator between north korea and the rest of the world ok so that was it that was a firm offer and she was as you say quite clear that she was done with donald trump
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and the un is approach this well let's see what stay with us and we'll build we'll talk more about that exclusive interview let's get the view from washington now about that or off from the german chancellor. robert i'd horn is a senior fellow in the arms control and nonproliferation initiative at the brookings institute he joins us from washington welcome to d.w. how will the chancellor merkel's office be viewed there. i think people will appreciate it constructive spirit that animated the chancellor. but everyone has a stake in the peaceful outcome of this crisis but frankly. germany is not in a position to play an effective mediating role this is not like the case of iran where europe germany was centrally involved in this matter commercially
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politically germany had a lot of clout in the iran negotiations i don't think that's the case in north korea i think inevitably the us will be north korea's main interlocutor if there ever is diplomacy i think europeans will be involved in roy multilateral framework in which bilateral u.s. the p r k discussions might take place but i think europeans will play a secondary perhaps tertiary role in any get them out of process and china when it went of a fit into this bind is critical china is north korea's main trading partner ninety percent of north korean trade is with china north korea has front companies in china just north korea and in its in its nuclear and missile programs china is absolutely essential but the concessions that north
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korea wants to be made are to be made by the united states as far as north korea is concerned i think will only martian overall so i would if you could comment on reports that we're seeing today that president trumps critics saying that he's using threats against north korea china's ally to negotiate a better economic deals with the chinese do you find that credible. you know i don't i think the reason for trump's rhetoric at the u.n. yesterday had very little to do with commercial relations with china i think trump is legitimately concerned about this threat the security threat posed by north korea and i think that was what his remarks we directed to you not in trying to get a better commercial deal china but einhorn in washington thank you thank you for
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having me. as for eternity why didn't they say that is in chief in this poll he was one half of the dynamic duo who interviewed the german chancellor earlier. polls give i'm going to call c.d.u. a fifteen percentage point lead over her closest rivals the s.p.d. yes thirty nine percent to twenty four it's no there's not a majority there. where does she go then where she'd like me to look for a coalition partner or indeed partners is indeed this is special for germany right so she probably will be the current in the next chancellor but she won't be able to lead the government on her own she will need a coalition partner and that will be a crucial difference possible is that she might run the government with the green party or with the liberals as the f.t.p. it's hard to tell who she likes more you know traditionally it would be the liberals in the past there were many a very often collisions between the liberals
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in that seat it would but given her personality and also her political field she is interested in in that might be as well the green party because she once was environmental minister for environmental affairs so it's really hard to tell ok whoever it is it is unlikely to be the far right f.t. who are experiencing quite a surge in popularity here in germany how is that popularity affecting americans campaigning and she was very outspoken today also in our interview she said i'm not going to work with them they will never ever become my coalition partner but the truth is that ten to twenty percent of voters who were normally voting for her party are now shifting to the right thing party out of tea and that is a concern for her and we asked her explicitly so what are you going to do to get those water spake and she said sure we put we will give more money to education we
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will provide great health care help. having great doctors but in the core point she didn't really have an answer how we can stop the rays of the ality. has risen because of going to merkel's big political acumen feel this is the migrant influx into germany and what does she have to say about that i disagree a little bit i mean yes it's is the huge amount of refugees who came to germany but i think the reason why the ivies going to be so strong probably is that people are really worried and afraid of what comes with the globalized world and i think the refugees are just like the maybe the most visible. factors if you can say so or not to be misunderstood as human beings but this is what people experience now but the bigger underlying feeling is how does my personal life change in this globalised world. you know bill the role of germany be different in five or ten years will
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germany be less wealthy you know will we do have to share more of our wealth of other countries this is the underlying fear and this is how the populistic party i've t.v. really placed it and why this party is so successful. in this poll thank you so much for joining us. don't you be able to watch the full interview on the d.w. tomorrow beginning at a two thirty am u.t.c. you'll also be able to see it at six thirty u.t.c. later in the day naturally you'll also find it on our website d w dot com as well remember it's only four days until germany decides and we want you to join the discussion follow our coverage online at the don't you dot com you can get your above there and i did read facebook praised or follow us on twitter and use the hash tag germany decides that social media is waiting to hear from.
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now the death toll in mexico's earthquake has reached more than two hundred a powerful magnitude seven point one event sent thousands of people running into the streets one witness recorded the collapse of this building in mexico city. here shocked on the cross run as a university your whole disintegrates along with dozens of other buildings in mexico's capital's chance of falling daybreak has it in the quake's aftermath emergency crews that are searching for people trapped in the rubble one of the most desperate to rescue efforts is a primary school where workers have found another survivor but dozens of children remain missing. a long night in search of survivors. part of this three storey primary school collapsed after the quake. crews reinforced the building to find those still trapped inside. them. it was chaos i arrived just after the quake my kids go to school in the next street and
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when i saw the school i panicked and i ran to get my children. on this wall the words silence a plea from searches trying to hear calls for help. keeping hope alive unconfirmed reports two girls said up text messages from under the rubble. some relatives come to identify bodies rescuers have recovered more than twenty most of them children also at the site of the country's president he offered words of comfort. if. this earthquake is a hard test and a painful one for our country mexicans have had very difficult experiences with earthquakes in the past and we have learned how to respond to these incidents with the spirit of solidarity. to the southeast in the state of puebla more destruction
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it's nice right near the quotes at peace and to. many buildings no ruins. dozens from the region perished beneath the daybreak. and people are very scared some crying and screaming i have seen people lying on the street having what looked like nervous breakdowns. on them and. we don't know what will happen next if there will be an aftershock so it's best for us to leave because in two or three days things will be more stable. she says of quake struck last two weeks after another powerful quake in the south at least ninety people died in the trauma it also fell on the ne verse three of the nine hundred eighty five quake that killed about ten thousand. well journalists but i calderon joins us on the line from mexico city welcome to day debbie perhaps you could start by updating us on the rescue efforts. well we are
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currently queue searching in many and we are. we can you hear a lot of fire and. people asking for help to get through the rubble because of these very very important question for people that may have to be a lie on their a collapsed building well that you are seated and there are. rescue workers. all the way you can. you know we know we're out right now and we just we've just heard in the last hour or so of this a school girl this child who was rescued from the school where so many have been killed what can you tell us there. well. alton tried to be weaker around last night by. the press and i can talk with any
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children concerned that two adults. they rescued parenting children are being treated going to go around the city there were thirty three more meetings. a parody. that at least ten of them were rescues say. well there's some really dramatic images. testimony about what happened there and we go girl that works for us too because it's in a clean. well that people try to get develop and they didn't stop on my bike and i can assure you that this is one of the night i don't think many people need to be up to put on her crimes there and they don't actually coast city thank you so much and have some other stories making news
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around the wealthy iran's president hassan rouhani has hit back at donald trump's that to scrap the iran nuclear deal this rouhani told the u.n. general assembly that it would be a great pity if the deal had to be destroyed by what he called rogue newcomers to the world of politics he said the u.s. administration would destroy its had credibility if it violated its international commitments. at least ten people dead and more than ninety missing because of flooding in eastern congo local authorities say emergency teams and be sent to the town to be on point to ensure rains caused a bit and the area to burst its banks. thousands of people have been protesting in barcelona after spanish police raided regional government offices and the rest of the dozen officials had to learn years regional leaders said the raids demonstrate the spanish government's totalitarianism the dr is trying to prevent an independence referendum planned by council of yours government for the first of october. this is d.w.
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news life from then still to come protests in nairobi kenya supreme court explains why it nullified president kenyatta his reelection will take you there for the latest. right now again to say stay with an update from the u.s. federal reserve thanks very much bill indeed we have some breaking news now the u.s. federal reserve has just announced it's leaving its benchmark interest rate unchanged at a target range of one to one point two five percent and will also start trimming off bond holdings from october beginning with a ten billion dollar reduction we'll have more on that in our next business news update until then we have of course other stories prepared for you we begin with the latest move to counter europe's steel crisis german industrial giant to some corp is merging its european operations with its indian competitor tata two are better than one they say but employees are not that enthusiastic about the news as the fusion will likely cost thousands of jobs. protests have already begun at this
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to some coal plant where workers have set up a vigil for the jobs they're afraid to lose two thousand in management and another two thousand in production split evenly between the two companies some fear these cuts are only the beginning. you have got to move from i don't expect much good to come out of this it seems that after initial cuts there's also restructuring planned but probably not the problem is that we have to shoulder the burden of the merger we definitely stand against this if we can't stop a merger at least we'll try to get as many concessions to workers as possible. consideration is most important for us is how many jobs will be left will they keep all the plants open can we get our trainees into employment that's what we're fighting for. with workers worried to some cop c.e.o. highly he's inger is defending the move. in your line of mine if you can if we had
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continued on our on the risk the jobs would have been far greater and the extent of restructuring even farther reaching than without the joint venture ventures that's because cheap steel imports from china have been challenging the european market in recent years and while just won't break the top ten of global steel producers even after the merger there will be a better position to in europe set to produce twenty one million tons of steel per year that's a clear shot at second place tested only by luxembourg's are selling mittal. markets responded well to the merger news with share so both companies rising on the prospect of six hundred million euros in synergies also the two companies complement each other well ta ta a strong and industrial steel plant to include in steel for auto manufacturing. and earlier today the w.'s monica jones asked the chief financial officer of tizen
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corp if the company is not turning its back on the steel industry. no that is clearly not the case i mean take a look at the history of to some crow as the name already set to us in trouble as a result of mergers coming from the past it was to us and it was crap it was harsh it was wrong style and we've seen over the past that mergers happened to address all the issues of over capacities in the steel industry in the past this is now for us is the next step of a merger addressing the issue of over capacities and the stable to a bit weaker demand in europe so we think together with who is more or less the same cultural values as we have in our company that this merger will allow us to address the challenges in these markets a lot better than do it standalone in other news the u.k. is preparing to offer twenty billion euros toward its divorce bill that's according
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to a report from the financial times london has not yet confirmed that figure prime minister of the reason may is expected to make the announcement friday in florence the e.u. says the u.k. owes up to one hundred billion euros as part of the brics a process the issue is a major source of friction between the two sides. and only days after canceling thousands of flights over staffing issues ryanair has offered pilots a bonus of up to twelve thousand euros if they agreed to work an additional ten days the discount carrier is in damage control and this is a major p.r. disaster stranded passengers others not knowing if their flights are affected and many unable to get a refund or compensation the airline says it's now allocated replacement flights for more than half the customers whose trips were canceled late last week but many more have since been canceled and the costs for the company keep climbing. that often besets corps now expect to fill for the latest on hurricane maria thanks for
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having us her c'mere is wreaking havoc across the eastern caribbean it's now made landfall on the u.s. territory of puerto rico it's been downgraded to category four the capital san juan has been pummeled by traditional rain and powerful winds in the strongest storm to hit puerto rico in living memory. and left the island of dominica strewn with debris the government there said most housing has been significantly damaged or destroyed at least seven people are known to have been killed. ok new supreme court has delivered its full judgment on last month's an old presidential election it has criticized the country's election board for failing to verify the official results before announcing them but judges stopped short of saying the vote was definitely rigged kenyan police fired tear gas at opposition the ruling party supporters demonstrating outside the supreme court as a ruling was issued earlier this month the court a newly fired president kenyatta his reelection after
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a position to be divided into successfully challenge the result. is get more detail correspondent catherine of wonder who joins us from the kenyan capital nairobi welcome catherine tell us more about the court's decision. well bill just to highlight some of the issues the main issue is the majority of the judges found found it questionable that the electoral commission made the announcement for the presidential the winner of the presidential election when eleven thousand polling stations had and submitted their results eleven thousand out of the forty thousand polling stations at least forty thousand that we have in the country but also they took issue with the fact that the electoral commission still hasn't opened it serve it until today it was asked to open the serve a dream the petition in the court case that took place a couple of weeks back but they haven't opened the serve and they say that that causes them to think or to to side with the opposition that claims that the server
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could have been tampered with but they also mentioned that you know there's the issue of the stray ballots in the election that six elections so each voter was given six ballots and there were more presidential votes than the other five elective seats and they found question they found that to be questionable so these are just some of the issues that they brought out during the rude the the when they were reading out the full judgment today which is still actually going on and do people trust the election board to organize a new vote in less than a month both sides have been demonstrating against today's decision. well you can see from the demonstrations we have those who are supporting the mean the ruling party who say that the electoral commission can actually you know give give a free and fair election on the seventeenth of october but then you have a majority of kenyans in fact those appalled that took place a couple of days ago that said that more than fifty percent of kenyans don't trust
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the electoral commission to actually do its job the chairman of the commission. has often tried to make decisions and he always retracts them so he changes the secretariat but then a few days later he retracts that decision he fires the i.c.t. head and then later retract that decision so a lot of kenyans are left with more questions than answers so the seventeenth of october is the date search for the next election i want to briefly are we likely to see it happen on the. or feel it's up in the air at this point because the company that is providing the voter kits for the seventeenth of october say that they won't be able to prepare the kits by that date in fact they've asked for the elections to be pushed to the twenty sixth constitutionally we have until the first of november for the elections to take place after which if the elections don't take place there is there is a possibility that we could have
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a caretaker government. in the wonder in nairobi thank you. this is his life from brother and still to come to germany decides four days to go to your general elections will take a look at the campaigning in a small and remote location a tiny mini island in the wall to see. each drink and be merry unix october fest is underway the biggest news is possible find anywhere in the world if it's cold we'll talk to fast why is it being held now well we will provide an answer. i will how about a a just. ca told blunt his fun baker was in the german resistance. she helped prisoners of
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war and was an agitator against the nazis. for this she was executed at the age of twenty two. the short life of an extraordinary woman. certain death. pointers fun banks resistance to the nazis in forty five minutes to deliver. nationalists are on the rise what were required to make your country great again that is their slogan their focus put your nation first i am taking monstrous to highlights different shades of nationalism and to find out what their nation mean to you. is a serious story join the conversation on to w. onto itself and on facebook. hashtags germany decides. the day before the general election on g w a day dedicated to democracy. from its dramatic beginnings in germany until the
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present day how is the nation of culture fearing election year. where do the german people see their place in europe and the world. democracy day september twenty third w. germany decides the candidate. d.w. seen as pool and just of the country have interviewed almost all the front runners in germany's upcoming parliamentary elections. and now look at four thirty. as the germany side. the candidates september twenty first on. this is the the leader is live from berlin i vill gail these are our top stories at this hour in mexico city rescue crews are working to free
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a young girl from the rubble of a school that collapsed in tuesday's earthquake the school is one of dozens of buildings leveled in what's being called the worst quake to hit mexico in a generation. time germany's chancellor has told d.w. that she disagrees with the way donald trump is handling the north korea crisis in an exclusive interview i'm going to work or said germany was against any form of military solution and offered well in services as mediator american president has threatened to destroy north korea if it continues its nuclear provocations. which only goes to the polls on sunday to elect a new parliament and indeed chancellor so candidates are spending the last days of the campaign focusing on undecided voters it's easy enough to reach people living in big cities but what about those living in the smaller more remote locations well we travel to one of germany's northern most constituencies to ask of voters there about the issues they are most concerned with. langan as is one of the hull again
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ten small islands off the north sea coast it's home to more counties than people everything locals need is brought here by ship including the ballot cans for the upcoming election the polling station is the local school which is attended by nineteen children. the man is setting up the ballot box not many politicians bother campaigning here. i've asked the dumb are always here she's a candidate yes she paid us a visit our big turnout no not really. it was a nice day. i showed her around and spoke of our concerns and what we'd like to change . their concerns have nothing to do with refugees or social injustice the main issue for the eighty nine people eligible to vote on holiday is climate change. it's obvious why.
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all the houses here are built on small hills and during storm surges locals fear the hills won't be high enough to protect their homes and their animals from rising sea levels. in the years we've lived here we've certainly noticed a rise in sea level rise. we've also seen flooding and winds have also gotten much worse. they can come on unexpectedly and are increasingly violent . on the other side of the island where a solitary e.u. flag waves in the wind your home pages and doesn't share those concerns he's a member of the green party but it didn't support his run for the german parliament maybe because he doesn't believe that sea levels are rising. the level ever
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measured on the north freezing coast was an eight hundred twenty five. well that must be kept in mind and another thing the houses here like this one built in one thousand nine hundred seven have never been flooded that in itself proves that the water levels aren't rising the theory is rubbish plain and simple it's an issue the locals can argue about tell the cows come home if and when they should meet it's isolated up here. the neighboring island of all and can only be reached by light railway. or by walking across the mud flats that's why most people here are to vote by mail as little action as there is online ness there's even less so no land even when an election is looming. like election campaign like yeah right. we don't see much campaigning here on the island i haven't seen a single poster not on oil and not on lioness. where they hang them
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like they wouldn't last in the wind or the rain so no i've never seen a poster. it's true there's no evidence that an election campaign is underway in germany aside from a random sticker that read stop right wing populism. campaigning may be minimal but it's effective voter turnout here is generally one hundred percent. democracy is a wonderful thing let's get more from i have a with a business is a part of my smartphone it's just got old and boring not only your still mine to just hang in there because there's a lot of innovation we're going to start with the industry as a whole trading of shares in taiwanese a company h t c will be halted on thursday the word is that they are set to announce something big the smartphone division along with the virtual reality glasses vive might be salt possibly to google h d c has been a leading smartphone brand but the market has become more turbulent especially due
8:36 pm
to harsh competition from chinese rivals google might be eyeing h t c to expand its hardware business. of course to better compete against apple which has introduced a new operating system for i phones and i pads the i o s eleven software upgrade enables users to pay each other via a messenger app and use a driver safety function and also features a new photo format to reduce file sizes but not everyone's happy about the upgrade the software won't work on older i phone models prompting some critics to describe it as a ploy to get people to buy new phones. that was of course the boring part of the update the exciting stuff is augmented reality and everything about it now in the past you would need someone to actually show you a phone to see what's new now users are posting videos and photos playing with the software and carl nason from our social media desk has been looking at that and has
8:37 pm
every detail for us now carl you know me i'm not really an apple fan i don't have no i don't have an i phone so tell me what am i missing this time i would say you are actually missing out i mean it's not life changing but it's pretty fun and it's actually kind of useful i mean augmented reality you generally think of the animated selfie filters you see on instagram or snap chat so essentially taking an animated object putting it into the real world in real time but apple has now basically taken that a step further and we have a few examples that are already out there this is from fifth star labs it's an app that superimposes the consolations on the evening skies you always know which start is when you look through your phone another very useful tool apps like this one allow you to accurately measure anything just with your mobile device no more tape measures of course you can have some fun with this we actually tried it out so we used an app called hollow to put a tiger right there on the floor of the newsroom in front of ben physical and i
8:38 pm
don't think he noticed it. in any case i guess this is really just scratching the surface and as you mentioned anyone with an i phone actually six s. or above now has access to augmented reality that means you're you're missing out i'm missing out but the important thing really is whether this will generate money for companies so how are businesses using this technology yeah well we've we're already seeing mainstream companies kind of jumping on the bandwagon so one example would be ikea and so they have a new app and they're using augmented reality take a look at just one example customers can flip through a catalog thousands of different items you choose the item and through your smartphone you can place counter chair. into the real world so in your living room or i guess on a subway platform as as this person did the cool thing is you can really compare sizes these are the actual sizes that they would be in your living room you can see if it fits so it's fun and useful but the question of course also is is this really new because we've seen these types of things before holo lens from microsoft for
8:39 pm
example google glass they never really succeeded so from what you're seeing on the reactions of the users do you think this is a breakthrough for event reality i mean android has a as well it's it's straight out the apple playbook right they're never the first ones but often the first ones to get it right so they've waited for the competition and now what i think will make a successful is are really starting small they're not they're not trying to create new weird worlds they're solving small problems like a tape measure they're doing fun things and you don't have to wear nerdy glasses there's to google glass i think that's maybe the most important thing i think it's going to be a big head we'll see how that goes and we'll see if i will end up buying an i phone then thanks very much carl nason from a social media that now technology can be a lot of fun as we just saw but it also brings along a lot of challenges pretty much every single business will have to reinvent itself as the digital technology takes over germany is still lagging behind but there is progress in our reporters have been out exploring the many ways that utilization
8:40 pm
and innovation are changing everyday life here in germany shopping for instance will never be the same. i'm out on a futuristic shopping trip. this virtual bird is my digital shopping assistant it doesn't know much yet but it learns quickly and if not maybe in the future you'll walk into a store and we already know what you've come for if the customer wants us to. we could offer targeted products maybe ones you don't know yet but would like one of can i would begin to appear in person and if clinton t. other than the. one does customer service become product marketing. lots of questions but at least it's very entertaining. and i still can't quite believe it. digitalization changes the way we live in there's plenty of room for fresh ideas and new startups. like
8:41 pm
end twenty six the first german digital bank. valentino style of one of the founders explains how i can open an account on my smartphone in just eight minutes . what we have with you know i just logged in with my fingerprint. as you see i'm definitely making use of the overdraft service so i can see the transactions here i can tell how much i spent on shopping for example then i can decide if it was too much i have an exact overview of what i've spent it was dollars it. sounds good but the digital bank collects lots of valuable customer data algorithms take away in the background analyzing and learning who we are. when it's in brazil i'm going to try and open the virtual door. it's like i'm inside the car and i can decide how i wanted to look from some documents and what. the guest it should be
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around here somewhere. you can certainly sell off for the customer a lot more extras with the system. it's the car companies pilot projects that your reality could soon be standard practice when buying a car. i just have one problem the headset makes me dizzy. stories like that's enough and i was. i also get dizzy when i see how digitalisation has changed our lives and shopping is just the tip of the iceberg. and that's all for business for now back to fill more world news have a thank you to malawi in southeastern africa which is a country of one of the highest rates of child marriage in the world with the right hof of all girls married by the time they're in that teens but earlier this year parliament raised the minimum age for marriage from fifteen to eighteen years and one district that has meant that several hundred largest have had to be an old and
8:43 pm
young couples sent back to school. bertha is seventeen years old she had to get married when she was fifteen she didn't love the man and didn't want to marry him but it was her aunt who made the decision bertha had been living with her ever since her parents died you know little bundles of those of you i was married off because we have whole. my own belief that if i had a husband we might all be better off then came this man and my aunt forced me to marry him and. there's a small village in malawi nobody here is really well off bertha's husband at the time owned a bike which he used as a taxi that's what made him such a catch but bertha is now back. the same lady who forced her into the marriage and who still stands by the decision. i had eight other children to look
8:44 pm
after and my husband had died nowadays you need money to raise a child especially if it's also going to go to school. and i basically have nothing . poverty is the main reason why young girls get married and malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world in fact getting children married off is the usual thing here but now in shutouts a girls have someone who can protect them from that she's the senior chief here and a woman to reason. she fights against child bride weddings and that's had more than eight hundred such marriages and old including birth us that has made a lot of enemies especially the now unmarried man do you want to date. there through all. this weight and. then when i thin he lifts me show you can
8:45 pm
do whatever you want to do but if you kill me i would be happy because i would do him out of it but you. trade to go home. or is fighting to have the minimum age for marriage increased to twenty one she finances her work through donations and also her own funds and he male employees who didn't support her work were dismissed from the jews. but where poverty and despair reign forced marriages off make things even worse in this hot in the cups a little longer lives andreea she's now fifteen but was thirteen when she got married she has a baby but it's probably not for. she says her family is poor and that's why she thought it would be good to get married but when she couldn't get pregnant right away her husband said he would bring another man to inseminate. she says her
8:46 pm
husband told her to submit to the man or he would marry another woman and send her to her family. relations with the other man five times because her husband's family wanted it that way they even paid the man locals here call such men hyenas men like. these are file images because he's currently in prison he spoke publicly about getting paid for sleeping with underage girls and that he also had aids but that custom dictated he not use a condom when having sex. he said several months ago in an interview but parents approached him and paid him he added that in the meantime it was better for him to complete what he called the ritual in private. we weren't able to convince another so-called hyena to grant us an interview one reason is that more
8:47 pm
and more women are fighting the tradition natasha tom thought is one of them she convinced more than a to leave her husband and when natasha speaks people listen she may not be a senior chief but she's a t.v. star in malawi. she fights for the rights of girls and helps them get out of arranged marriages she goes on tour from village to village teaching awareness accompanied by a group of musicians and dancers giving a performance that unmistakably goes straight to the issue. as a young girl herself was forced to sleep with a stranger. because this is my car trying to dish on his leg tell me why i'm doing that globe you must be dancing those does is it kind of feel like you're being forced by the tradition but then when you grow up and then you start to know their rights and then you feels like. i think i was being six homeowners treated there or
8:48 pm
i was being secure exploited bertha's life has now totally changed. since she left her husband she's been able to go back to school he didn't want her to stand would have rather seen her slave away in the kitchen. bertha's family actually can't finance her education but she's still able to attend because senior chief theresa. is paying for the books and she wished and fees the experience of going to school and learning was what worth a miss most when she was married she's happy now that she can catch up on the two years she lost and supports her efforts not just for birth her sake. there was the point where if about if it gets a good education and a job then should also improve our family situation and be happy if we could build a better house because at night we often can't sleep the rain keeps getting in.
8:49 pm
whenever you want to but that kind of mother. for her part bertha is making plans which will take her away from her native village after finishing school she'd like to become a nurse and above all leave the life of an independent woman. sports and in germany sponsors they get much day five is underway cologne and from furter faced off for wednesday's kick off with a guest sebastian alair taking the lead from the spot in the twenty second minute cologne had plenty of chances to equalise but couldn't find the nest the billy goats have now lost all of their game so far this season so let's take a look at the full results so far as we heard cologne lost to frankfurt i glad back well against regard i was berg soft leipsic byron were too much for
8:50 pm
shall get involved and a new coach martin schmidt drew with bremen you final four games are female weak match they are currently underway. october first in munich is the world's biggest beer festival with more than six million visitors every year it will be metal culture desk is here and sober pleased to say welcome. it's in full swing october festival we are in the middle of september why well it all started back in eight hundred ten it was actually started as a celebration of the wedding of king ludwig the first of bavaria and that was in october and today it still ends on the first sunday in october but i mean it's basically come forward into the warmer climate of september because it's an open air festival i mean the it's also the biggest funfair in the world which happens
8:51 pm
outdoors so there are these huge tents where people can drink and sing and carouse but it's basically because of the weather it's a bit warmer it's a simple as that we're all for a bit of carousing this year is a special anniversary yeah it's the anniversary of the shotton hummel tent this is one of these huge tents and this is the oldest traditional tend to run by the shopping hamel family for many many years and it's the hundred fiftieth anniversary and indeed the most important because this is where every year the festival starts the mayor of munich traditionally taps the first barrel of special beer we see him here starting the festival. the fewer the taps the more skilled the man. the opening october fest tapping of the be a takes place each year in the huge shopping hamel be attend the tent is inseparable from the schottenheimer family twenty seventeen marks the tenth one hundred fiftieth anniversary.
8:52 pm
thousands of revelers celebrating the huge festival hall we've been here music and a very unfit specialities. ok. there was. no you couldn't i mean they can forget their everyday life for a day for an evening and forget whatever worries and problems they may have and have a nice evening here and that's a great thing for us to host such satisfied guests. the ongoing success perhaps comes from the family not taking itself too seriously but there was sponsibility this spirit has continued over the generations and i think that makes all the difference. for those. the tent is massive now but it started one hundred fifty years ago as a small shack behind the king's royal tent with seating for just fifty people. shot
8:53 pm
mammal has been in its current form since nine hundred fifty three and has seating for six thousand indoors and another four thousand just outside. the tent has also become something of a favorite hunting ground for young people. great music great beer it's got a really great atmosphere here at entertainments back then yeah i mean there was. one hundred fifty years of shop in hanoi from a little b. a tent to a big festival hall. she is. so into this fits all events become this big thing that the church millions well yeah it's been big for quite a time there really expanded in the nineteen fifties and we've actually got
8:54 pm
pictures from back then you can see wonderful black and white present i mean it was packed even then what's fascinating is that if you look at the people get some closeups i think of some of the not they're not wearing later who's in and done little. they went in their normal clothes some of them very fashionable so elvis hack out there and the dirndl and laid the hose thing the traditional bavarian costumes beautiful day dirndl the dirndl is the lady's costume that's the whole all right austrian and that all happened really in the last ten to fifteen years it's really a recent trend and should be said that nowadays there are actual numbers but they reckon that most probably half the people half the six million who visit it over the three weeks are in fact tourists and so is it all about beer and sausages now there's a lot of entertainment there's a lot of singing and of course the center of it all is the fun fair and it's interesting to see that the funfair itself has very similar rides the ones back in
8:55 pm
the fifty's as well you can tell the difference between the black and white photos and the color pictures and also the fashions of the time what is amazing for me i don't quite understand and how can i put this politely the ride's all the games they're playing don't seem to be very conducive to people who partake in. amounts of alcohol how can i put this is that i think that there's a bit of clearing up to do after as i don't want to say anymore because people might be having their dinner as they're watching out ok and right now i guy get your point but he doesn't like to so i think you'd want to tackle so but that's true more on the web site yes indeed a quiz on the web site of the october first if you find yourself with a little quiz just five questions d.w. dot com slash culture what kind of win nothing. is just to say about your knowledge of the october fest just a bit of fog shall rush to that what the writer robert thank you here's
8:56 pm
a reminder of our top stories this hour here on t w germany's chancellor told the don't look that she disagrees with the way donald trump is handling the north korea crisis in an exclusive interview until and we'll said. germany was against any form of military solution to the country services as media american present us threaten to destroy the earth today if it continues its nuclear bomb cations. i mean mexico city rescuers are working to free a young girl from the rubble of a school that collapsed in tuesday's earthquake schools one of dozens of buildings that were leveled and most painful the worst quake to hit mexico and a generation. to update sara hama will have all few of the top of the hour out of it.
8:57 pm
was in the german resistance. she helped prisoners of war and was an agitator
8:58 pm
against the nazis. for this she was executed at the age of twenty two. the short life of an extraordinary woman. certain death. pointers from banks resistance to the knots in fifteen minutes on d. w. . my first vice i was a sewing machine. where i come from women are bound by this notion for. something as simple as learning how to ride a bicycle isn't. since i was a little girl i wanted to have a bicycle off my home but it took me years to the bike. finally gave up and went on buying young lives like this but returned with the sewing machine sewing i suppose was more appropriate for girls than writing a bio i was no i want to reach out to those woman back home who are bound by their duties and social norms and informed them about the basic rights my name is the
8:59 pm
about of people and i warn you that. she's long been a symbol of hope in syria. i try to help people a smile on our son does she stand for change. for the false facade of her husband's removed. he believes in what the syrian regime is doing and believes in this new search. projection that that they are saving syria must my son the beautiful face of the dictatorship starting october first on d. w. . bush take germany decides what is your take on the whole position regarding not only climate change. what do you want to know about germany's general election
9:00 pm
. ask w. your questions about germany. and the medal. they will at night at ten o'clock p.m. . write to us on facebook we'll answer your questions. the state of the news coming to live from baldwin a day after u.s. president donald trump threatens to destroy north korea germany's chancellor offers to help resolve the north korea crisis. even though this conflict.


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